About Us

Many years ago, while my children were part of our local soccer association, I began the very challenging and extremely time consuming process of field layout and striping for the soccer fields around our town. These fields were of varying size and age groups and took hours to complete. I began to think that there had to be a better way.

Over the years, I began building Ultimate Field Layouts, which would help me not only speed up the process, but guarantee a perfectly squared field every time. No more need to go through the time consuming and inefficient method of squaring up the field using the 3-4-5 system.

Ultimate Field Layouts offers the tools and methods necessary to confidently provide you with exact field features that can meet the stringent requirements set by the ruling organizations of each sport. These tools can help:

  • City and Town Athletic Field coordinators
  • Athletic organization volunteers
  • Organized sport camp counselors
  • High School and College field maintenance personnel

Ultimate Field Layouts has improved over the years to now include additional athletic fields such as men's and women's lacrosse, field hockey, and rugby. I believe it is the most complete, flexible, intuitive, and easiest field layout system available whether for the rookie or for the experienced layout person. What used to take hours can now be done in a fraction of the time and because each quadrant of the field is independent from the others, each additional volunteer can substantially help reduce set up time by concurrently staking their quadrant.

With your Ultimate Field Layouts spreadsheet in hand, youíll just need to put the stakes where the program directs you, run string from and to all the stakes in a recommended sequence, paint the lines, and retrieve the string. Itís as simple as that. We offer individual sport spreadsheets and directions or complete kits with everything you need.

I believe you will find Ultimate Field Layouts will provide you with the tools necessary to confidently lay out your fields knowing that the corners will be squared but still maintain size flexibility when full size fields are not possible. I hope you will find them as invaluable a tool as I have over the years.